Prophecy Today

The Final Pope

By Steve M. Woods

The Final PopeThe 900 year old prophecy (extra-biblical prophecy) of St. Malachy that predicts signs of 112 future Popes culminating with the “final pope,” “Peter the Roman,” whose reign ends with the destruction of Rome and the judgment of Christ.  (The Great Tribulation).

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was the first Jesuit and the first from the Americas to be elected Pope and according to the prophecy the final pope during the Great Tribulation. Jorge Mario Bergoglio took the name Pope Francis I after St. Francis of Assisi whose full name was Francesco di Pietro (Peter) di Bernardone, an Italian who was once a beggar in Rome, effectively making Bergoglio “Peter the Roman.”

Another interesting event happen associated with this prophecy was when Pope Benedict XVI resigned lightning struck the Vatican twice. In Bible numerology the number 2 deals with separation or division. It has also been used while referring to discord, war, ruin and death. The early Christians associated the number 2 with division between the human soul and God and even with the Devil.

Even though St. Malachy’s vision is not a prophecy from the Bible, it is still interesting how it fits with biblical prophetic events happening today like a piece of a puzzle completing the bigger picture.


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