Steve M. Woods

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Author | Evangelist | Speaker

Steve Bus 1Steve M. Woods is the President and Chairman – Board of Directors for the Woods Mastery Learning Foundation, Inc. As a former public school teacher, Mr. Woods has seen firsthand the decline in American education and a need to fight back the secular liberal agenda taking over our public schools. His vision is to support schools that promote Christian family values. Mr. Woods has developed a network of relationships with pastors and key Christian leaders across our nation by sharing his vision and passion for reaching the unsaved youth for Jesus Christ.

Steve Woods has his Masters in Business Administration from University of Phoenix. Post bachelor’s work includes Secondary Education from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Education with an emphasis in curriculum writing from Biola University.

Previous publishing experience includes a self-published Christian book “Character” based on Galatians 5:22-23 on the fruit of the spirit.

Steve has always had a heart to inspire others in their walk with God and to make a difference for the gospel of Jesus Christ by impacting the people in his community. Steve shared his passion for God with hundreds of young people during his 15 years in youth ministries. His heart for the lost and misguided youth is what motivates him to change the educational system in America by supporting Christian values, schools and scholarships. Steve M. Woods is a gifted author, evangelist  and speaker.




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